Google Analytics Panel for Status Board

Update: Swedish Status Board users! Check out my new widget for showing SL departures. Read more here!

Update 2: I just released the companion panel for this showing you the top viewed pages of any site. Read more here!

I love Panic’s new app Status Board.

And I also love watching Google Analytics.

So I couldn’t help myself, and this is the result.



The panel is a php script based on the g-api library for accessing Google Analytics, with a little tweaking of my own to support the newest GA API.

It basically seems to do the same as Hilton’s Ruby script, but this one runs on php instead.

The php-file (together with the modified g-api class) can be found on my github. Feel free to change as you please. In fact, you HAVE to change it in order for it to work.
Get the script here


Posted: April 13th, 2013
Categories: Design, Stats, Status Board, Widgets
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