Trello in Status Board

Update 2: Apparently, there was a change in how Trello supplied the user token, so my script simply didn’t work. This should be fixed now, and the scripts work!

Update: Instructions to get this panel on your iPad are now up and running, and it should be easy enough for most people to get this working! See post for details!

One of the first widgets I planned on building after getting Status Board was one for Trello, the taskplanning tool.

Of course I want to keep track of how many tasks I’m working on right now, and how many are still in the queue. Maybe I want to see the names of the cards in my list, and maybe I want a burndown-chart for some projects, I haven’t decided…

I wasn’t very familiar with the API, and I couldn’t find a functional php-wrapper for it, so I used VeggieMeats php-trello as a starting point, and fixed it where it had to be fixed. (Yes, when I get the time, I will fork it and upload the corrections I’ve found).

Because of this, the trello widgets was put in the back of my head for a while, while I developed a few other widgets, such as the Google Analytics ones and the SL widget.

But now the time has come, and my focus is now on Trello. The first of three planned widgets is done, and it looks like this:


It’s very simple. You enter a boardID (plus some other sensitive info, since this board is private) and then it shows you how many (open) cards are in each list. Folks, this is pulled right from the API, no manual CSV here.

There’s probably more info to be added to this graph later o, but for now this does what I need it to.

In a while, I will make this availible for anyone. I need to come up with a (kind-of) user-friendly way to get all the info correct. We’re talkin loong user tokens and id:s you need to find. There will probably be some kind of form on this page where you can enter you info and then it will give you a link to open on your iPad to install the widget. But, as I said, I’m working on how to make this easy for everyone.

Instructions to get this working in your own status board with your own Trello board

First, make sure you do this on the iPad where you have Status Board installed!

1. Get your user token from Trello (if you haven’t got it already). I made a script for this to make it easy for you to get your own. You open a link from my site (further down) and it will redirect you to Trello’s authentication page. There, you’ll need to approve my “app” to access your data (read-only) and then it will redirect you back to my site where your token will be presented. Copy this token and paste it in the form below. Here’s the link!

2. Get your Board ID from the Trello Board you wish to use in this widget. I found that the easiest way to get the ID is to open the board in a browser and then find the board id in the url (as pictured below). Then copy this ID and paste in the form below.



3. Get your username from Trello (If you need help with this, tweet me, and I’ll help you) Copy it and paste it into the form below.

4. When all fields are entered correctly, tap the button below the form, and Status Board should open with this new Panel in it!

Form to enter your data in:

Paste your user token: Paste your username:

Paste your Board ID:

Click here on your iPad!

(If above button doesn’t work)

Come back here for more info, or follow me on twitter where I will post as I update.

Also, if there’s some trello functionality or stats you’d like to see that I haven’t thought of, post it in the comments, and I’ll see what I can do!


Posted: April 22nd, 2013
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