Clear all notifications on Apple Watch

I love my Apple Watch.

The part I love the most is how it shows me my notifications, without me needing to pull out my phone.

Sometimes I just glance at my wrist to see that something came in, and decide I’ll deal with it later. This means that after a while I’ve got a number of notifications racked up in the notifications view.

Previously, I’ve been a bit frustrated doing the “swipe every notification to clear”-dance a couple of times a day, but little did I know that Apple had thought of this.

The trick is simple. While on the notifications view, just Force Touch, and voilá, a “Clear all” option appears!

Works like a treat, and will save me another couple of seconds every day.

Clear all notifications

Clear all Notifications (source: TekRevue)

Posted: September 15th, 2015
Categories: How-To, Pro-tips
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