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I need a new camera. And a phone.

I need a new camera. And thus, a new phone.

The iPhone did this to me. Before I got an iPhone, I would bring my trusty old Sony digital camera and take really cool pictures (yes, when I remembered to bring it!). When I got back I plugged it in to my mac and transferred the pictures to iPhoto. Most of the time, that’s where it stopped.

So, I got an iPhone and at first I really didn’t care much for the camera. Sure, it was nice to have it with me and take casual pictures, but the quality just wasn’t good enough for nicer pictures. For a while. When the iPhone 4 came out, the camera was even better than my old Sony, so from that day, I used my iPhone as my only camera, and I’ve been fine with it.

Until last christmas holiday. We were visiting my sister in Dubai, and while taking some pictures in the Madinat shopping centre, I started noticing purple dots in the pictures. At first, I thought it was dust on the lens, so I tried wiping. A lot. Didn’t work.

Getting home after the holiday, the purple dots had grown bigger in size, and they’re clearly visible in every picture. So, I started googling it, only to find out that apparently, this was a known flaw in the CMOS sensor in the iPhone 5, and Apple replaced the units (See here or here).

Happily walking to the Apple Store in Stockholm, I was informed that since I had bought my iPhone in the U.S. it was only covered by 1 year warranty (In Sweden, we always have 2 years, by law). Ok, sure, was my answer, and when did that expire? “15 days ago”, was the reply. I told the rep that the problems had started before christmas (and thus, well within the 1 year warranty) and I had pictures on the phone with datestamps to prove it. That wasn’t enough, he said, I could have photoshopped that. My jaw dropped a bit on that response.

So I asked him if I would have gone to him 15 days earlier, I would have walked out with a new phone? Yep, I sure would have.

Now, I understand that there has to be limits and rules are rules etc. But for Apple to be this nitty gritty, on a hardware issue that they know is a manufacturing flaw, it just beats me.

So for another year and a half, I’ve been taking pictures (less often, though) and using Photoshop Express on the phone to try and “blemish-remove” the dots.

The moral of the story is that my phone is actually fine, and works great. But since the phone part messed up, I have to replace the whole thing. One-device-for-all dilemma.

Sometimes, I dribble this thought when developing apps. On one hand, I want to build every function I can think of inside the same app, for easy access and convenience. But on the other hand, if one major part breaks, it can cripple the rest of the app’s functionality, rendering it pretty much useless.

I’m more or less steering towards building single-function apps nowadays. Perhaps, we could then use the app interoperability (deep-links) to stitch them together inside “container apps” to group them together?

Posted: August 8th, 2015
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DisplayLink, I give up!

At my job, most people still use a PC. And I confess, I also have a Lenovo X230 laptop that I’m meant to use for work. With it I have 2 external monitors, and a docking station ready for my laptop to be plugged in. That setup works great, but for one small thing. I absolutely despise using a PC, and mostly having to use Windows 8.

Don’t get me wrong, I grew up using Windows 3.1 and all the way up to Windows XP (yep, I also tried Windows Millennium). But after that, I got my first Powerbook G4 Alu. I loved it. And I never looked back.

About a year ago, I decided I’d had enough of PC/Windows altogether, so I started bringing my own, private, MacBook Pro to work. I thought it would be a painful process to try and change my workflows from PC apps to Mac apps. I was wrong.

Back then, I was still on Mountain Lion, and I got an external Lenovo USB3 Dock with two external display ports, just what I needed. Hooked my monitors up and plugged the USB into my Mac. Nothing happened. Turns out, I had to install the DisplayLink driver separately (how non-Mac isn’t that?!) so I did, and both screens flickered into life. Beautiful.

For my purposes, the screens update speed isn’t that important, as I mostly use one monitor to have mail open and I don’t move windows around that much, however, there is a noticeable lag in the second monitor.

Then Mavericks came along, and something happened. Mavericks do not play well with the DisplayPort driver. (You can read more details about it at the DisplayLink site) Apparently Apple changed something with how they treat multiple monitors and their setups.

All I know is that my externals monitors would start blinking, all of a sudden just showed a blank grey screen, and would constantly “forget” their positions. It got really annoying. And it still is. So annoying, in fact, that I decided to switch one off. And it turns out, with only one external monitor to worry about, everything back to fine and dandy!

I recently updated to Yosemite, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens now, but to be frank, I’m not getting my hopes up!

This is what DisplayLink did to the nice rounded corners of Yosemite windows:


Posted: October 20th, 2014
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